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Dr. Murray Grossan E.N.T.
Dr. Murray Grossan E.N.T.

The Whole Person Tinnitus Relief Program

The Whole Person Tinnitus Relief Program is an entirely new approach to treating tinnitus. By using the principle of neuroplasticity, we change both brain and ear circuits that cause ringing. By following our special program that treats ALL the centers of tinnitus in your body, you will without a doubt start to finally experience relief.

Leading Tinnitus Relief

“As one of the pioneers in the treatment of tinnitus, I have been researching and treating tinnitus for the last 25 years. Based on the very latest findings by the American Academy of Ear, Nose and Throat, I have developed a program that will help your tinnitus.”


The Whole Person Tinnitus Relief Program

  • Program guide – learn the whole body treatment, and how to treat your tinnitus.
  • Neuroplastic modification exercises
  • Anxiety feedback control actions
  • What to do when tinnitus strikes
  • Hearing Nutrition Supplements
  • Preferred access to online support group hosted by Dr. Grossan

I would like to invite you to try my Whole Person Tinnitus Relief Program and start doing something to help your tinnitus. Watch our video for more information.

“Never accept that nothing can be done for your tinnitus.”

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